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Hey, people. This week, we've been doing a lot to keep the website fresh! And so I've made a lot of improvements to the website, and can once again create games! Heres a list of the things Ive done!
 Thats right, were going to PC world today, and im hoping to have GM 8.1 set up before the day is through! Also, I might get the other programs like Flash, Dreamweaver etc. to complete my awesome collection of useful programs!
 Today, I'm afraid I haven't actually done much for DoDoCo. but don't worry, because we went paint balling and I'm about to tell you all about it! So cheer up and pay attention to my awesome story.
 Hey, next weekends the big day! Unfortunately, we'll be halfway through the holidays... Oh, and then we'll have GCSE stuff... Im a bit worried about that, but i'm sure it'll be fine.

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