Thats right, were going to PC world today, and im hoping to have GM 8.1 set up before the day is through! Also, I might get the other programs like Flash, Dreamweaver etc. to complete my awesome collection of useful programs!
 After today, we may well end up starting DoDoCo. progress again, completing things such as World salvation, and not only will we be carrying it on, but we will be carrying it on on the new GM 8.1 that didn't come out too long ago, with new features such as zooming into room editing, editing from the room and all in all, easier handling. Im very happy! You'll see awesome games coming from us again in no time!
 Anyway, I'd also like to say that I've decided to experiment with World Salvation, and so might be adding a feature with which you can download and play new levels when you are bored of the default ones. So, gimme your thoughts- Is this a good or bad idea, and would you use this new feature? 
 Also, I might start using a new type of programing language. Well, it's not really new, it's actually quite old... but its new to me. Im thinking about getting a C++ program, and practising on it, using some tutorials. Good, huh? I can't wait to get started!

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