Remember the old rubbishy ugly website? Well we decided it was ugly, and upgraded to something more suitable. Although were not sure how to do Cookies, we think this will be very much so better! But, of coarse were not deleting the old website. The old one will become our OFFICIAL FANCLUB!
 Were going to continue game creation soon. We had to stop because our computer was messing up and we can't find the right drivers for our graphics card, but soon were getting a new computer which should be a lot better in all ways! World salvation will be complete!
 Also, I made an animation for world salvations intro using flash. it doesn't yet have sound, but I think I did an okay job of it! I made it for OCR so its good as copyrighted. It can be found under the Animations tab (flash). Thats right, we now make MORE THAN JUST GAMES! Now we make;





-Possibly alot more!

Im gonna' start doing all sorts with DoDoCo. now, and i might even start making DoDoCo. merchandise when were more popular!
Were reaching out our branches of awesomeness to make a big tree! Help us grow by sharing the website with a friend!

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