Hey, people! Ive been thinking up of things that could be made once we finish our current project, World Salvation. Ive thought of a couple of things so far,so here is a little bit of info on the ideas...
Cube Land!
Ive started making an engine for a game called Cube World. This game would be a 3D 360 degree platformer, in which you jump around. The models are quite basic, so is the game to play, so its just a chill sort of game.
 Your a cube, jumping on cube platforms in order to get golden cubes and get to the warp cube. Thats the general Idea...

Helicopter Game
When I used Scratch to make games,i made a 2D flying game called The Helicopter game. It was a bit bad, and had no enemys. But this was one of my first games ever, so i decided to make a sort of tribute to it. Only this will be more... advanced. It will be a Shooter, where you travel through caves and the such so as to get to the level boss. This game is going great so far, and if it goes good enough will replace Halloween flight, possibly, as awesome game.

Yeah, Ive made a pretty good RPG engine so far. But as it has been brought up, yeah, the game engine Ive uploaded doesn't have much going on.
It will be improved on, rest assured. Im just not making it right now. Just a tester, okay?

Hopefully, Ill be able to make time to complete them all!! But if i can't, Ill make sure to do the best, most promising engines first.
Thanks, and please give any feedback below such as ideas!

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