Hey, next weekends the big day! Unfortunately, we'll be halfway through the holidays... Oh, and then we'll have GCSE stuff... Im a bit worried about that, but i'm sure it'll be fine.
 But then the me saying it'll be fine might jinx its fineness! But then I could jinx the not being fineness of the fineness into being fine. But now I've accidently jinxed the turning of the fineness from not being fineness to being fineness into not being fine! Ah! It won't be fine, now that's jinxed! Yay, it'll be fine now!!!
 I'm going to stop this before It goes out of hand. So yeah, lets just say I'm worried.

 Anyway... in the two weeks off I'll be revising using the revising program I've magicked up. I'll upload it for anyone else revising for GCSE, under programs... That is, when its completed. But what I'm trying to say is that although i might pick up the game making pace once more, this website may not start filling up fast until the next 3 months, so bare with me whilst I'm GCSEing. Anyway, please enjoy the things i have put on for now, and ill tell you of any new news!

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