Today, I'm afraid I haven't actually done much for DoDoCo. but don't worry, because we went paint balling and I'm about to tell you all about it! So cheer up and pay attention to my awesome story.

Battle I; Catch the flag-Rugby Field (Defence)

 So, this was my very first time paint balling, so I stayed back and watched as the other people on my team attacked, and helped defend the flag. I was behind a wooden fence, my gun hovering over the top, my eyes seeking for the enemy. The enemy had a Tank for cover, and some barrels. We blasted at the enemy, some balls bouncing off the barrels making a loud clunk noise. They returned the fire, and paint balls whizzed past, bouncing off behind us. The opposition got to our flag, but there wasn't enough time for them to get the flag back to their base. It was a draw.
OUTCOME= DRAW           0 - 0

Battle II; Ring the church bell-Wood Right (Attack)

 This is where it started getting exciting. We were in a army base located on the top of the woods, and they were down from us. The majority of the people on our team were running straight to the base, and hid behind woven wooden fences, made of tangled twigs. I attacked from the right, hiding behind a fallen tree trunk. I shot at the enemy, perched behind fences, and shot some people in their goggles, but eventually I got bored and decided to sneak round the church to the left and get round to ring the bell. I ran round past some trees, dodging paint balls to get to the base, spying someone on our team stealthfully crawling towards a giant tree trunk.
 Upon ariving at the base, i hid in small building with windows. People shot at me, and the balls bounced past the window, speedily whizzing past my head and hitting a wall behind me. I crouched and shot balls of paint back, hitting the church walls. I hid again, to see a friend who was hiding in the bushes. I waited for the attention to fall off of me, then ran into the bushes to creep round the side of the church. We hid behind a tree trunk, and then walked onwards for a while, but then we were spotted, and Paint balls whizzed through the bushes, so we hid. 
 Meanwhile, Steve had got behind the church and was going to ring the bell, but he was spotted. The match came to an end, and we had failed to reach the target.
OUTCOME= LOSE            0 - 1

Battle III; Catch the flag- Woods (Attack)

This was by far the most exciting match. Unlike the last catch the flag, I had decided to attack rather than defend. At the start, i ran to the castle, where Steve and Max were, and then I waited there and shot. We were there for a while, but eventually, we managed to push the enemy back and gain more room. But we didn't have that much more room. Even so, i ran forward and took cover by their base. They were hiding behind a car and I was shooting at them. At the fence I was at, there was another kid who ran out of ammo, so he carried on shooting and pretending he had ammo so as to scare the opponent, and then he ran out to distract them. Whilst they were shooting the ammoless kid, I shot them and got some of their men out the game. Now it was me, and them, and i moved to a small enclosed area. I took all three of them, but as i  was shooting some, one creeped up to the side of me and took me out. But nobody took our flag.
OUTCOME= DRAW          0 - 1 

Battle IV; Get the Swag- Woods Left (Defence)

We were protecting the swag, in the bank. I didn't have much ammo this last battle so I stayed inside and shot from there. We took a couple of them out, and kept the swag safe. Then a strange thing happened. I ran out of ammo quite quick and then they opened fire on me, but luckily, one of the balls bounced off the wall, bounced off my shoulder and landed in my mask, giving me more ammo and keeping me in the game for longer. But then I ran out of ammo and got put to the side of the arena.
Any way, in the end we won.
OUTCOME= WIN!            1 - 1

1 - 1

 So all in all, it was a draw which wasn't bad for a first time.

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