Hey, people! I've been brain storming possible features for World Redemption, sequel of World Salvation. I've come up with quite a few, and will show a couple of my ideas for the game in this post.
 Of coarse, it was always planned that there would be sequels, because of the way we want the story to work. There would be three sequels, all with a slightly different theme. The first, World salvation, is a Sci-fi style. The second would be Natural and the last would be darkness because you have to kill nine slimebeuns (What will be last boss of Salvation). So, to an extent, the series has already been planned out, but we are still thinking of things to make them fresh. So, here are some of the things we came up with.

-New Characters

 Of coarse, the idea is that your one of the last humans still alive, however, your not THE last human still alive. Ofcoarse, Harry is a friendly mutant, not human, but i was thinking about new characters beside Benjamin- for example a female character. If this is the case, maybe we could make a new character select option, so you can choose to be the default character (Good ol' Ben), Harry (With his flying ability) or the new character(s). Perhaps there will be some things you can only do with certain characters...

-How to get characters

 Now, if we were to add characters to the plot, where and how will they be found? Perhaps you must kill a boss to save the character, or perhaps during a normal mission you can find them wondering around. Perhaps they will be hidden on levels, unconscious, like Benjamin was before he was found by Harry. I vote for unconscious.

-Rewards from killing enemys!

 Okay, so before when an enemy was killed, nothing much happened. They would turn to ash, and that would be their end. But i was thinking, perhaps certain enemys could have a reward that you get for killing them, for example a gear or, for harder enemys, a life. Perhaps a tomato. This would be nice because it would make killing more rewarding.

-More Difficultys

 Before there was only one dificulty, Normal. But what if someone wants a harder experience. This is what I was thinking about;
 EASY-Normal, default settings. Sometimes a challenge, same difficulty as original.
 NORMAL-Slightly more challenging. For people who completed the last game, as they will be more experienced.
 HARD-challenging. Players will have quite a hard time of this mode.
 PRO-Almost Impossible!

-Level selecting

 The levels will all be different from on the original, but I think that the world will remain the same. And so, perhaps I could, instead of using square button things you select, use a map of the world to show where the levels are, and the selected level would light up. Something like this.
 This would look a lot nicer.

-The level Aims

 I thought that this one would make the game feel a tiny bit more exciting, and less repetitive. Ofcoarse, the majority of the levels will stick to the ol' Survive challenge, but i thought that we could also add other special missions you can do. For example, Collection missions (Where you must find enough of the set item to win, like a couple of batteries to open a teleport), Time missions (Where you have to get to the end before you run out of time), perhaps saving missions (Where you save a character?). This would make the game more interesting.

-Better Jumping system

It's not that i want to make the jumps higher. I want to make the jumps as high as you want them to be, before you go over the limit which will stay the same, in which case you fall. What i mean is that simply tapping the button will make the character perform a small jump, where as holding the button down will make the character perform a higher jump.

Thinking up some new ones...
If you want me to add anything, tell me! Im happy to take feedback. Thanks.

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