The day we go to PC world is getting nearer and nearer, and although i am excited, right now im quite bored. Thats why i decided to get to work on this website and getting it to look more DoDoCoish rather than like a template.

 Today, I'm afraid I haven't actually done much for DoDoCo. but don't worry, because we went paint balling and I'm about to tell you all about it! So cheer up and pay attention to my awesome story.

 Hey, next weekends the big day! Unfortunately, we'll be halfway through the holidays... Oh, and then we'll have GCSE stuff... Im a bit worried about that, but i'm sure it'll be fine.

 Upon realising that we couldn't get the drivers for our graphics card, we've decided to just get a new computer. A faster one, one that can be for work AND Gaming. Yes, were back in town, people! You'll see this website filling with awesome games, animations, programs and possibly more before no time!

 Hello! your probably wondering what were currently going to make, so I've put together a list of our priority programs and growing games! Here is the list, and by the way, I've also noted the cancelled things.

 Remember the old rubbishy ugly website? Well we decided it was ugly, and upgraded to something more suitable. Although were not sure how to do Cookies, we think this will be very much so better! But, of coarse were not deleting the old website. The old one will become our OFFICIAL FANCLUB!

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