Upon realising that we couldn't get the drivers for our graphics card, we've decided to just get a new computer. A faster one, one that can be for work AND Gaming. Yes, were back in town, people! You'll see this website filling with awesome games, animations, programs and possibly more before no time!
  And I've been thinking... Over the Easter holidays, I could do loads! (Matt the mango and Burkey have stopped doing things for DoDoCo. now, so I'll be using "me" for a while)
Anyway, here's a Priority table!

1)        World salvation                            (G)
2)        Map Maker                                   (P)
3)        Halloween Flight (edit)                 (G)
4)        FPS                                             (G)
5)        Snow fighter!                               (G)
6)        Save the prince!!! remake!           (G)
7)        Tekst                                           (P)

As you can see, major differences are that Halloween flight and FPS have switched places. I need to add more levels to Halloween flight and make it more challenging, and that shouldn't take too long so I thought I might as well put it after Map Maker. Also, Tekst and Snow fighter have switched places.

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