Hey People! Found a problem with the downloading HTML defaulted. You see, it could only handle 5MB, whereas our games are so awesome, we need more! So I decided to change things... 
Instead of using the default download box, i designed my own using HTML.Now, we get unlimited memory because I used, rather than the sites default upload/download system, another site to make things more flexible. Now, download what you like!

Lets face it, default stuff sucks.
ANYHOW, in other news, I have decided to add to the ideas for World Redemption. Here are our Ideas!

 -Coloured Gear Currency

 So, before, on world salvation, you would find grey gears. We thought maybe there could be more types of gears, for example, a bronze gear is equal to 2 gears, a silver to 3 gears, a gold to 5 gears and a platinum to 20 gears. The more valuable, the rarer.

-Enemy HP

All enemy HP is revealed above their heads, even if Benjamin can kill them in one hit. Other characters may struggle with them.


Statuses could be brought in, to spice up game play. For example, you might become poisoned by a swamp enemy, in which case "poisoned" appears above your head and HP is drained for a set amount of time.

Just some new Ideas for world salvations Little brother. We will keep building upon these ideas until we make an awesome games a sequel to world salvation.
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Nice one info, thanks

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