The day we go to PC world is getting nearer and nearer, and although i am excited, right now im quite bored. Thats why i decided to get to work on this website and getting it to look more DoDoCoish rather than like a template.
 The other day, i taught myself a bit about HTML when i used it to edit a template for the world salvation website and change it completely! I used it to get rid of titles, the Nav and loads of other stuff that was on the ugly template, and i made it suitable for it purpose. You can see it here;

 So, using my new knowledge, I edited this website!
 Here are the changes you should have noticed;

  -The background is now a light grey.
  -The navigation bar has moved below the banner.
  -The title right at the top of the page has been deleted to give more room for the banner.
  -I've edited some styles and stuff.
  -I've curved the edges of the content boxes on each page to make it look pretty nice.
  -I've left a bigger space between the header and the content to make it more clear what's what.
  -I've also removed that evil nasty default background and replaced it with an awesome one.

If you think I should change, edit, add or delete anything from the list tell me!

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