Hello, People! This post will tell you about everything Ive upgraded on our game, world salvation. On yoyo, I have updated the file to the latest updates I have created.
So, here the updates are, in list form!!

1)  "Lame clouds"  Gameman39
Before, clouds used to go across the screen in the plains. However, on upgrade they stopped moving and could not be debugged.
I guess the clouds did look quite lame sitting there... So they are now deleted.

2)  "Give actual story"  Everenferno, BackupdudeEX
I didn't give it a story before, it was just a sort of test. Ive now added some story. 

3)  "Enemys that taps foot walked at you had no attack animation"  Everenferno
Yeah, this was annoying. the enemys would just stand there and look at you to cause damage. Ive now made his forehead a little more useful by giving him a nice headbutt animation! Yay!

4)  "First time you hit blocks, dont know crouch jump"  Everenferno
Now i could have just lowered these blocks, but i decided that it might be better to just delete them all together. this is because they were both glitchy (You could sometimes open them by walking over them) and because they were not very original.

5)  "Annoying Demon angel flys in you."  NeosDany
Yeah, these used to be unfare and hard to kill. I liked your suggestion about them attacking then flying away, but i decided to make them simply fly to the side of you. They are easier to kill now. 

6)  "Badly drawn '1'!"  NeosDany
Changed! The reason this happened was because i just turned the sprite around with some code rather than making new images. I just simplified the one to make it better for the function.

7)  "Add respawning"  NeosDany
That i have done. At first i wasn't interested in this idea to be honest, but yeah, it did get boring when they didn't respawn. So Ive added enemy respawning now, but not on all enemys, only the chosen ones... Respawning all enemys would simply be unfair!

8)  "Character too cripled, can't perform multiple tasks"  BackupdudeEX
I see what your saying... For example, used to be that you used to have to stand to attack. This had to change! Plus, now it gives more chances for puzzles including punch blocks!

9)  "More life! Sound is so... empty!"  BackupdudeEX
I have livened up the sound now, with music and SFX. And as for the livelyness... Im hoping that the whole respawning thing will fix that.

OTHER) Ive fixed some glitches like for example, when on a moving platform, when a wall hit you, you slid off the platform fine. However, you could'nt jump over the platform, for whatever reason... Well, i know the reason now and fixed the glitch. Going under a wall on a moving platform, you could release down and your head could get stuck in the wall. I think ive stopped this happening now. When you hit the side of a moving platform you would get stuck in it sometimes, and you would have to move away to unstuck yourself. Not ideal for when your infront of a wall, as you couldn't do anything to unlodge yourself. Ive made it so the platform now just bounces off you, but be careful because this can make levels harder as some moving patforms have to be in surtain positions to be used. Whilst swimming, you could sometimes get your head or foot stuck in walls. Ive stopped this happening now.
Another thing Id like to say is that I have added a gear shop so that you can trade gears for things like tools and lives.

Thanks to everyone who played and commented, as you have helped make the game even more awesome thjan it was!

Thanks again, 


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