I've started a new game project! Its called ""... Well it doesn't yet have a name... Anyway, its a 3D platformer in which you must roll to the goal. Also, I've added a flash animation that loops, and updated the World salvation Intro!
 The new animation is pretty cool. Basically, its about this guy who is a giant head, and has invaded our snackberry factory, and its a loop of him eating our berries. Cool, no? You can watch it under the animations tab, then select the muncher link. I enjoyed making this!
 Also, the new game will be a 3D try to get DoDoCo out of the 2 dimensions. Of coarse, we don't mean to say that the game will be jumping out the screen, but will simply be graphic'd as a 3D game...
 ANYWAY... I don't have much to say really, I haven't been doing much. All the games and stuff are actually still on my old computer, so Ill have to set it up, take off all my games and things and put it on a memory stick. Ive been playing games so far because i truly don't have much else to do... so thanks for reading anyway.

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