Hey, people. Ive been carrying on with World Salvation for this week, so a short and sweet post here. I've been coming up with ideas, and thinking about how to bring them to life,as well as more ideas for redemption and Domination.
  I have completed the fire world for world salvation, as you may already know, and am now looking at ideas for the Snow world, Ice land. It will have snow men with snowballs, penguins that slide and eventually, natives. I have started creating the snow area, and part of it can be seen as a screen shot on the games page. I am really enjoying the creation of this area, and think you will enjoy this area too, if you manage to get that far.


 Also, I have been thinking up ideas for Redemption. Here are some more of the things i thought of.

 Extra food types
Before, you just had tomatoes. I thought about putting in more fruit. For example,a banana increases about a third of your health. A strawberry gives you an eighth. A rotten tomato poisons you.

 Side Missions
As your doing a mission,you can stop for a second and, perhaps, look for an object requested by another character. This would get you an extra reward. 

 Bonus missions.
Perhaps have more bonuses with unlockable items. Ifoundthe bonus missions quite fun to make, and think these should be kept.
Thanks for reading!

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