GM studio will have new options such as the option to create EXE.'s, HTML,s etc. for other computers and new hardwares. This means that in the near future we might end up making games for mac, PSP and other consoles and systems!
 Isn't that great? We have been making PC games for quite a long time now, but in the future fans with PSP's, Androids, Macs, Ipads, Iphones etc. will also be able to play our games! We will also be making HTML files that can be played online, such as arcade games. GMstudio will, according to Yoyo, be multi-platform which, in turn, will help us make DoDoCo. accessible for everyone! When I purchase the new GMstudio (once its out) We will be able to grow further!
 And right now, as far as popularity is going, I don't think were doing so shabby. So far, we have had 126 views in 12 days, which is alot for us. Were going to continue making the site better as time goes on, so please be patient and come back from time to time! Thank you all so much for visiting the site, and please carry on playing our awesome free games of the win! 
 I've already planned the story's of the world salvation series, and its gonna be cool. I'm just planning how Harry's control system will work (Yes, you will play as harry on the sequel to World Salvation). Here's a little spoiler...
The leader monster, a clone of the scientist which the scientist mutated to make the ultimate mutant, escapes to the planet and now you and Harry must hunt the evil creature down before it can reproduce (asexually). You must go through the world once more, traveling through new areas and environments full of mutants more powerful than ever before. You will be able to use many characters such as Benjamin, Harry and others you may bump into across the way.

He can't get as high as the other characters as he weighs more, but he has powerful fists he will use to attack his opponents. The mutants can't normally bare one hit from his bad ass powergloves. A strong child with lots of HP, and good for Boss battles. Main moves include;
Harry is an intelligent guy who will often drop in hints for the other players. He cannot attack as well as Benjamin, for he hasn't got the strength, nor bravery to fight well. Instead he can run and jump off peoples heads (though head jumping doesn't effect every mutant...). Main moves include;
Z (continually)- Fly

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