Hey, people. This week, we've been doing a lot to keep the website fresh! And so I've made a lot of improvements to the website, and can once again create games! Heres a list of the things Ive done!

As i said, Ive done a lot this week, and i might also make an advert for the site. We were thinking of how to make ourselves more popular... please share us with your friends if your a fan! Anyway, heres a list of other stuff we've done!

-Changed the website look; Ive moved some stuff around, made some changes here and there... For example, i moved  the Nav bar, changed colours and backgrounds etc.
-Got a new computer; The last computer was getting old, and i couldn't run my own games properly because it was so slow! Shame really...
-Upgraded GM; A new Gm, has come out, with unbelievable greatness! At first, it didn't really upgrade properly, but the new GM upgrades instantly!
-Added a Gallery; With a new gallery, you can admire all the beautiful things from DoDoCo. in a click. We will upload pictures, new and old, to here so you can marvel at them!
-Fixed a problem with nav bar; The drop downs glitched slightly, so i fixed them... It may have been a html fault, but when i republished them, they worked fine...
-Added DoDoChat; A new feature that allows you - yes you- to talk with other fans of DoDoCo., about DoDoCo. We are very proud of this new function!
-Updated Mango's space; Now, read what mango has to say! We've upgraded the staff area!
Thanks for reading, and have a very happy day!!

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