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 Hey, people! Ive been thinking up of things that could be made once we finish our current project, World Salvation. Ive thought of a couple of things so far,so here is a little bit of info on the ideas...
  Hey, people. Ive been carrying on with World Salvation for this week, so a short and sweet post here. I've been coming up with ideas, and thinking about how to bring them to life,as well as more ideas for redemption and Domination.
  Hey People! Found a problem with the downloading HTML defaulted. You see, it could only handle 5MB, whereas our games are so awesome, we need more! So I decided to change things... 
Hey, people! I've been brain storming possible features for World Redemption, sequel of World Salvation. I've come up with quite a few, and will show a couple of my ideas for the game in this post.

Hello, People! This post will tell you about everything Ive upgraded on our game, world salvation. On yoyo, I have updated the file to the latest updates I have created.
So, here the updates are, in list form!!

 GM studio will have new options such as the option to create EXE.'s, HTML,s etc. for other computers and new hardwares. This means that in the near future we might end up making games for mac, PSP and other consoles and systems!
I've started a new game project! Its called ""... Well it doesn't yet have a name... Anyway, its a 3D platformer in which you must roll to the goal. Also, I've added a flash animation that loops, and updated the World salvation Intro!
Hey, people. This week, we've been doing a lot to keep the website fresh! And so I've made a lot of improvements to the website, and can once again create games! Heres a list of the things Ive done!
 Thats right, were going to PC world today, and im hoping to have GM 8.1 set up before the day is through! Also, I might get the other programs like Flash, Dreamweaver etc. to complete my awesome collection of useful programs!
Just thought I should show you the way the priority tables will now look in the future. I'm going to make it look more professional then it is currently, mainly because its currently simply a list. So, heres how it will now look, in a proper list, and I'm even going to give it its own page!

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